What will Elizabeth do?

After listening to thousands of voters across the 58th district, these are the issues that people talk about repeatedly. I welcome discussion and feedback on all issues, but these are the ones that I will prioritize as a delegate.

Affordable and Accessible Healthcare

We had the highest insurance costs in the U.S.A. last year in our district. Rural primary care, specialty care, and emergency services have suffered under more consolidated healthcare monopolies.

Elizabeth wants to:

  • Provide protections for pre-existing conditions in our state code
  • Reform the Board of Insurance and State Corporation Commission oversight authority
  • Make sure rural localities have the resources to provide for specialized and emergency services in their communities

Supporting Our Public Schools

State funding for public schools has not been returned to pre-recession levels of 2007. In 2018, Virginia had the highest teacher pay gap compared to other college graduates and ranked 42nd for per-pupil state funding. Teacher pay is about $7,000 below the national average. Virginia has lost 2,800 support staffers since 2008 despite enrollment growing by 55,000 students.

Elizabeth wants to:

  • Increase teacher salaries to at least the national average
  • Restore funding for support staff, particularly focused in rural areas
  • Provide resources to improve school safety and counseling services

Internet and Cell Service for All

Internet and cell phone service are essential to live, work, and play in our modern day society. In many parts of the 58th district both internet and cell service is unreliable and slow. School children need internet access for learning. Job postings are online; many companies offer work from home. For telemedicine to function, patients and doctors need to interact online while clinics need access to electronic medical records in the cloud. Small businesses need access to wider markets.

Elizabeth wants to:

  • Pursue broadband infrastructure solutions down to the last mile for rural communities
  • Procure federal funding to quicken the process of delivering improved internet download/upload speeds and 5G cell service
  • Bring technology investments to the 58th district that provide quality job

Build a Clean Energy Economy

Clean energy jobs are some of the fastest growing in Virginia. Central Virginia can be a Southeast hub for solar, wind, and battery storage companies. Bringing clean energy technologies to the 58th district will provide ways for farms, families, and businesses to diversify while protecting our environment.

Elizabeth wants to:

  • Raise the electric grid cap on renewable energy from 1% to 5%
  • Provide farmers the opportunities to diversify while preserving their land for future generations
  • Insure the Commonwealth transitions to 100% renewable energy by 2050

Gun Safety

I respect responsible law abiding gun owners and hunters and have no interest in taking away your firearms. However, we’ve had too many tragedies here in Virginia to stand aside. Children are in fear of going to school. Many of us can’t go to a library, a store, or even work without thinking about what might happen. The special session on gun legislation was shut down in 90 minutes. The time to act has long passed. 

Elizabeth wants to:

  • Implement universal background checks, even for gun shows and internet sales
  • Ban the sale of high capacity magazines, assault rifles, and bump stocks
  • Allow judges to issue extreme risk protection orders (Red Flag Laws) to remove firearms from someone who is a threat to themselves or others

End State Government Corruption

Virginia is often referred to as the “Wild West” of campaign finance laws. There are no limits on how much an individual or corporation can contribute to one candidate. There aren’t even laws restricting the personal use of campaign funds. Money controls politics in Virginia. It’s time to end the “Virginia Way” of major contributors being able to influence the writing and passage of legislation. I do not accept any contributions from corporations, including Dominion and Appalachian Power.

Elizabeth wants to:

  • Ban direct corporate donations to state candidates
  • Restrict the personal use of campaign funds
  • Place a $5,000 limit on donations from any one person or corporation

Reforming Our Criminal Justice and Prison System

Just this year there have been three deaths of women at the Fluvanna Women’s Correctional Facility, which is in the 58th District. This is unacceptable. Over 60% of inmates in our jail and prison system in Virginia are African-American. Too many people are in jail for non-violent offenses and people who committed crimes as juveniles are serving long sentences for something they did as children. Punishment is not the answer, but opportunity.

Elizabeth wants to:

  • Increase the minimum age for a juvenile to be tried as an adult from 14 to 16
  • Provide the option of parole review for sentenced juveniles after 25 years
  • Make sure proper healthcare is provided to inmates, particularly women