Meet Elizabeth

Dr. Elizabeth Alcorn has been a small business owner, healthcare provider, dentist and volunteer in our community for over 30 years.

Elizabeth was born in the Ozarks and raised by parents who both worked in education. Her family moved to Virginia when Elizabeth was young, where her superintendent father was instrumental in desegregating schools in Chesterfield County and Roanoke.

She began her college education at Piedmont Virginia Community College and went on to graduate from the University of Virginia’s Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry. Elizabeth opened her first dental practice in Stephen’s City.

As a single mother Elizabeth ran her business while raising her children, Hannah and Skylar, in Winchester, before relocating to Charlottesville and the surrounding area in 2000.

“I want to work for families in my district and not big corporations.”

Elizabeth has worked at and served on the board of the Charlottesville Free Clinic, and has volunteered at the Winchester Free Clinic, Winchester Migrant Clinic, Head Start, Bright Starts Preschool program, Donated Dental Program, Charlottesville Baptist Dental Program, Medicaid Dental Expansion, Mission of Mercy, Highland Support Project in Guatemala, International Rescue Committee and the Salvation Army. Dr. Alcorn was also instrumental in forming the Grins program in 2013 with the University of Virginia Infectious Disease department to provide free or affordable dental care to hundreds of HIV patients in central Virginia.

Today, Elizabeth and her husband Gerry live on a small farm in Dyke, VA, growing their own food and sharing the farm with a donkey, mule and family dog. They own a small business building affordable homes in Albemarle County.

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